3 Books, 1 Post |Wolf by Wolf, My Sister Rosa, The Hypnotist

Time for the 2nd 3 books, 1 post! This time all book covers conveniently had a red theme and I didn’t even plan it. Nice. Also, you can click on the picture of each book to be taken to my full review on Goodreads. 😀 Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin I loved this book!… Continue reading 3 Books, 1 Post |Wolf by Wolf, My Sister Rosa, The Hypnotist

Dealing With Stress | Time Management

I have had many assignments and homework tasks hauled at me recently and I was Freaking Out. I had no idea how I was going to finish anything in time and I was going to fail and drop out of school and live a life on the streets with no food and- Okay, it wasn’t… Continue reading Dealing With Stress | Time Management

Physical Vs. Digital | Music, Books & More

Records, CDs, Polaroids, Typewriters; all things of the sort are making a comeback. I was never alive when these were ‘new’ and commonly used yet they are still a normal part of my life. Vintage stuff has been making a resurgence for years, mainly because of ‘hipster culture’ but I always wondered why. Sure, some… Continue reading Physical Vs. Digital | Music, Books & More

3 Books, 1 Post

Time to do some mini reviews of the books I borrowed last time I went to the library. (You can click the title of the book to see my full-length reviews that I post on goodreads.) These books have been the first time I’ve read YA in a while and it was quite refreshing to… Continue reading 3 Books, 1 Post