Absorbing Characters’ Personalities: Is it a bad thing?

In every book read, the reader always tries to relate to the characters in some way, whether subconsciously or not. It is an important part of reading which helps connect you to the story.

What about when you take it a step further, for example, going out of your way to have something in common with your favourite character?


Well-written books contain interesting, complex characters with certain traits, hobbies and characteristics all which make them seem more real. Often, a reader will adopt one, or even two traits from each character they come across.

This could be something simple like, you notice yourself beginning to use a catchphrase you read in a book, or you start wearing your hair in a new style because it looked really good in that one movie. These are little things that don’t really have much of an impact on your overall life.

Then there are the large things that can essentially change your entire life.


Say you started learning an instrument because the main character in that one book did and it seemed cool. You could start a band, you could meet new people, you could even become famous. At the very least, you would’ve gained a new skill/interest that becomes a new part of your identity.

Is this is a good thing, though? Surely, doing or liking something only because someone else, fictional or not, likes it is not being true to yourself. It’s merely copying and pretending to be someone you’re not. Basing your entire life on a fake identity should be the worst possible way too live.

Except it doesn’t have to be fake.


Trying out a new thing because you read, saw or heard it is not copying if you genuinely want to try it and like it. In fact, it is practically human nature! Shaping your life around things you’ve experienced second hand and want to try out for yourself is how people learn new things. In the end, they will become your own thing and then it won’t even be copying at all.

What do you think?

Is changing certain aspects of your personality to mimic fiction a good thing or is it a false way of living? Have you ever done or tried something because you read it in a book or saw it in a movie sometime? I know I have.



4 thoughts on “Absorbing Characters’ Personalities: Is it a bad thing?

  1. Oh yeah, I totally do that. I have an obsession with yellow roses because a character in a book I like loves them… Also I tried to learn the language a character in a book speaks, however, it was very difficult (like, you know, impossible), because it was a fictional language… and it has about 20 words that it ever tells you… I still tried… Hahaha. That failed.

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  2. I’ve done this subconsciously! And actually MOST things in my life I’ve started doing because I saw someone else doing them…and if it sticks, then isn’t it just you discovering something you love?! I never would’ve started writing if my little sister hadn’t started first.😂 And I only started book blogging when I saw others doing it! So I’m cool with it.😂

    Omg but in The Scorpio Races, there’s this part where a character answers “tolerably” to mostly all questions and I STARTED DOING THAT AND I DIDN’T EVEN REALISE. So thank you, characters, for all you do.😂

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