Being Productive During School Holidays

If you’re like me whenever it’s the school holidays, you often find yourself unoccupied with nothing to do while school and homework isn’t draining you of free time.

Sitting around doing nothing gets boring really quickly and there’s only so many times you can keep revisiting the fridge every 5 minutes, hoping to find something to eat before giving up.

At this rate, the few weeks when you finally get a break from school are going to suck.

Fear not, my friends for I have a List™ that will solve all your problems! (Because clearly without me, you’d be left watching paint dry. I know, you’re welcome.)

SIDE NOTE: As I write this post I am on my last day of school holidays. Oh, the irony.


The completely fool-proof guide to not dying of boredom during the school holidays

Step One: What hobbies do you already have? You play guitar? Learn how to play a new song. You like drawing? Try draw something you’ve never drawn before. You like baking? Find an obscure, new recipe and hope you don’t accidentally poison everyone.

But Charlotte, you say. Those things are obvious. I want to do something else.

Well, we’re only on step one, aren’t we?

Step Two: Give up. Lie on the floor with an agonised expression while you suffer with teenage angst over boredom. There’s nothing else you can do.

Step ThreeIgnore step two. Lie on the floor? NEVER! You are a warrior and you will not let this boredom defeat you!

In your sudden moment of motivation it’s time to Get Stuff Done; it’s time to turn your boredom into productivity.

  • First of all, you’re gonna get yourself a notebook, stickynote or original 1880 typewriter* and write yourself the best darn to-do list you’ll ever write. And don’t just limit yourself to things you need to get done, washing the dishes, bringing the washing in, pfft who cares? How about your life aspiration of  becoming a rock star you’ve had since you were five?
  • Let’s roll with the rock star thing. (#unintentionalpun) You’ll need equipment to start off, in this case an instrument. Turn to our lord and saviour, Google, and research your life away. Find one specific thing you really want and then remember it. THIS is how you’re gonna make your dream come true.
  • You’ve found your dream guitar, drumset whatever. But it costs 20 billion dollars and you have…50 cents? You’ve got to save up some money. Wait a sec, is that something to do? A possible way to spend the holidays. Bulls-eye.
*yes I googled that but shh, I must keep up my illusion of being all-knowing.


So, saving up money is what you’re gonna do, but how?? (hint hint: remember that lord and saviour I was talking about.) It’s a long process but once you reach your goal you can FINALLY buy that instrument that will kick start your rock n roll career.

This goes for any other hobby as well. You could save up for a camera to be a photographer, or maybe some art supplies to start scrap booking; you could even start a blog!

(Fun fact: Holiday boredom is one of the reasons I started this blog.)

Step Four (wait we’re still doing this?)If all else fails, do whatever you want. This may seem like broad advice, and it is, but all it means is if you get even a small urge to do something, like read a book or ride a bike, go for it! It will pass time and if you get bored of that then you can always come back to the starting point and try again.


Now I know this isn’t the best of advice but hey, it works for me. My boredom has actually inspired me to do a lot of things I still do now and continue doing during the term. I’ve learnt to play 2 (sort of 3) instruments because I had nothing else to do. I’ve written stories with over 10k words which is a massive amount for me. I’ve read more books and a lot more things I can’t remember. I’d say time well spent.

What has holiday boredom inspired you to do? And how do you cope with all the extra free time?




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