Being an Introvert: Social Exhaustion

Right now, as I write this post, I am knackered; mentally exhausted.

These past two weeks have been the school holidays for me and I have been non-stop seeing people whether it be friends, relatives or even people I don’t even know. Majority of the nights we have had people sleeping over at our house and been visiting every single person we know. Just last night, I had four of my friends stay over for a big sleepover.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great. I’ve loved seeing people I know and have had tonnes of fun. It’s just reached far beyond the point where I’ve had enough.

This is because I’m an introvert.

*gasp* *crash* *bang* *scream of horror* A teenage on the internet, with a blog…is an introvert??!! HOW UNHEARD OF!!!!


Google describes introverts as ‘shy people’ but I prefer Urban Dictionary’s explanation.

“A person who is energized by spending time alone.”

Aka, being constantly surrounded by people without any break is draining.

I’m not sure if there is an actual term for this but I like to call it Social Exhaustion. This is not to be confused with Physical Exhaustion. You see, this actually requires physical activity, such as exercise. which i never do

So, to lead you further away from confusion here is a handy list of differences between Social and Physical Exhaustion.

Physical Exhaustion
  • requires exercise or excessive movement/working out of some sort
  • often results in sweating, loss of breath and other physical signs of tiredness
  • is when your body is tired from exertion of energy
Social Exhaustion
  • is caused from an abundance of social activity with little or no alone time
  • can be easily hidden as it is merely present only to the person experiencing
  • is when your mind is tired from constantly putting in the effort in engaging in conversation/communication with other people

I’d like to note that Social Exhaustion is a type of Mental Exhaustion which is a whole other thing I’m not going to get into.



So, there is my theory for certain types of exhaustion full of Capital Letters and the word ‘physical’ being used way too much. And now, I’m off to bed (finally) because I have school tomorrow…wish me luck.

Any introverts out there who have similar experiences? Or how about extroverts who have a completely different experience, what’s it like?

4 thoughts on “Being an Introvert: Social Exhaustion

  1. I can’t honestly figure out whether I’m an introvert or an extrovert… I feel like that SHOULD be easy, but it isn’t. I LOVE spending time with people, but I’m really, really shy, and I also like my alone time…
    I definitely get the social exhaustion thing 😀, sometimes I just need time alone.

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    1. I get where you’re coming from. I love spending time with people as well but tend to just get tired of it after a while which is why I call myself an introvert. Also you could be an ambivert which I only heard about recently and basically means a mix of introvert and extrovert 😊

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  2. *raises hand* YES YES ME TOOOOO! I actually get super annoyed when people think introversion is an interchangeable word for being shy. It’s really not. 😂It’s definitely about energy and where you need to be to recharge! I get sooo tired after socializing. I just need to be quiet and on my own.😂
    I hope you get a good chance to recharge too!!

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