Bang. Thunder.

Raining at night time is one thing. Thunderstorming is another.


There is always the rain accompanying it of course. And even on its own, the sound of water hitting roofs is calming and tends to disconnect you from reality in the best way possible. It is at this time when inspiration and a sense of purpose comes out of its hiding spot in the shadows.


But then thunder is LOUD. It is CRASHING and BANGING as the sky strobes with light. The echo of the crack of a whip from above rocketing down to Earth in a BLAST OF SOUND.

You feel energised, yet still calm because of the rain. You feel like you want to do something, like you need to do something. The loud sounds trigger something in your mind that makes you feel great and ready to conquer all.


Thunderstorms are ANGRY. They are LONLINESS, SADNESS and the feeling of being ON TOP OF THE WORLD. They can represent everything all at once.

2016-11-01 18.19.34

What are thunderstorms to you?



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