Physical Vs. Digital | Music, Books & More

Records, CDs, Polaroids, Typewriters; all things of the sort are making a comeback. I was never alive when these were ‘new’ and commonly used yet they are still a normal part of my life.


Vintage stuff has been making a resurgence for years, mainly because of ‘hipster culture’ but I always wondered why. Sure, some reason is the aesthetic but I also think there’s something else.

For me, physically owning something, like a book or an album, feels way more personal than just having a digital copy. The sense of ownership is stronger as it is something you can literally hold in your hand and touch.


There is nothing wrong with digital things of course; they’re great! I would be lost without Spotify and there’s no way I’d rather lug my textbook home instead of using the online version for homework. My personal instagram is like a photo album of my life and I love going back and seeing all my memories in picture-form.

Technology is the stuff of today and it makes our lives easier.


I just also enjoy owning the ‘old things’, for the novelty if nothing else.

Pretty much every bookworm can agree how satisfying it is to see a full bookshelf or stack of books and know that they’re yours. The same goes for having a record or CD collection. Even something as simple as flipping through a scrapbook of printed photos can elicit the same feelings.


I think it’s great that vintage things are making a comeback because it means the generations that weren’t alive when they were a thing (like me!) still get to enjoy them and bringing back things from the past is awesome!

So what do you think?

Do you agree that out-dated things being used among modern technology is a great thing or are we all just ‘wanna-be hipsters’? Seriously though, if you disagree (which is totally fine btw) I’m really interested in hearing the other side so please do comment!

3 thoughts on “Physical Vs. Digital | Music, Books & More

  1. I totally agree! I love technology, but there’s nothing like the feel of a real book in your hands, or a looking at photos in an album or on the wall.

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  2. Totally on board with this too .. little Ve my 35mm film, and digital and record collection and tape collection and iPhone/Spotify … I want it all!

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