Dealing With Stress | Time Management

I have had many assignments and homework tasks hauled at me recently and I was Freaking Out. I had no idea how I was going to finish anything in time and I was going to fail and drop out of school and live a life on the streets with no food and-

Okay, it wasn’t that dramatic but I was at least at risk of not handing in any assignment and therefore failing.


After a few days though, I finally got everything back under control and now I’m slowly but surely working through each assessment. I’m in the middle of it all right now and look! I found time to write a blog post!

So, because of these recent events I have decided to make a post on how to deal with stress caused by a massive workload. Here we go:


Time Management

The most important thing you need to do is figure out everything you need to do. Going in headfirst before even going over anything will just lead to colossal panic eventually.

I find making a list and writing down everything that needs to get done helps make things clearer. If you like, you can add due dates to the list to help with the next step.


Now that you know what you need to do, it’s time to figure out when you need to do it. Sort out assessments based on when each one is due and how long you think they’ll take to finish.

Sometimes you may even need to just not do something. If you are drowning in important assessment pieces for important subjects and the one thing tipping you under water is just a homework task for a subject you don’t care about, ditch it. Hopefully your teacher will understand, if not the worst that will happen is a detention but it will save you from getting ten more from all the other assignments you can now complete on time.




Most of the time, teachers will give you at least one lesson of class time to get some of your assignment done. Don’t waste it! This is the most valuable time you have to get an assessment done as a) it’s not wasting your home time and b) your teacher is on hand for any questions. Getting help straight from a person rather than google can sometimes be the point between understanding something and having no clue at all. Utilise the chance!

Also, get help from your peers! If you and your friend are researching the same topic, share sources or even notes if its allowed. Ask your friends to read over your essays and listen to your speeches. Just make sure you’re returning the favour.

Free Time

Finally, the most important thing of all: make sure you have time for you. Even if it seems like you don’t have a second to spare, it doesn’t mean that’s the case. Set aside time to do whatever you want that isn’t your work to relax and take a break. Working non-stop will just result in bad quality in the end anyway and you’ll end up filling your mental capacity.


The main thing to remember when trying to do all your assessments is time management so as long as you master that then you should be a pro at getting everything done in time.

So how do you finish everything on time? Do you have different ways of time-managing or do you somehow never have tonnes of things to do at one time (share your secrets)?



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