Snail Paced Readers, aka Me!

I am a slow reader. Once upon a time I could read 3 books a week but now it takes me over a week to get through just one.

The first time I read Harry Potter, I read all seven books in under three weeks with a few days in between each book so I could get the next one from my Aunty. THREE WEEKS?? How did you do it, younger me?

So, on behalf of snail paced readers everywhere, I would like to make a post defending the amount of time it takes us to read books.

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Part One: Reasons it takes 3.5 million decades to read a single book

No. One: School

I know one of the main reasons it takes me so long to read books now is high school. Assessments, homework and just the time spent at school is eating up valuable reading time. I mean, obviously education is unimportant when there are BOOKS TO BE READ.

No. Two: Other Hobbies

As much as I love reading, I also love TEN BILLION OTHER THINGS. In the limited free-time I get between homework and essays, I normally spend it doing anything but reading. Not to mention, I have a lot of hobbies so they take up a lot of time. Why read books when you could play guitar? Or uke? Or draw? Or make a garden? Or write? Or seize a small island?

No. Three: Friends

I love spending time with my friends, and I do so quite often instead of reading books. Once a fortnight is Chip Tuesday where we go into town and wreak havoc eat chips. Also, we’re texting all the time. I mean, the obvious solution to this problem would just be to glue a book to their face so I could spend time with them and read at the same time.

No. Four: Lack of Motivation

It’s almost like a permanent reading slump. Often I’ll stare at my book sitting on my bedside table, begging to be read, and just ignore it because I can’t be bothered to put in the mental effort to read. And it sucks because a lot of time I do want to read, I just always do something else instead and then wish I had picked up the book instead.

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Part Two: The pros of being a snail paced reader

Despite the stigma usually surrounding slow-reading, there’s actually nothing wrong with it, and there are even pros to it over reading fast. Such as…

  • You get to digest a book more thoroughly
  • No such thing as ‘I read this book too quickly and now I want more’
  • The tension is so much more intense because it takes so long to read it which means it’s dragged out

It’s great! Pretty much the only cons are trying to read library books before they’re due and sometimes forgetting what happened at the start of the book because you read that ages ago.

So what about you? Are you a snail-paced reader? And what are your excuses reasons for reading slowly? Any more pros and cons to add to the list? And even if you aren’t a slow-reader, what’s your opinion on the stigma surrounding slow readers?



6 thoughts on “Snail Paced Readers, aka Me!

  1. I’m a pretty fast reader myself. I don’t think I could stand it if I wasn’t, my TBR is big enough already 😀…
    I found it very ironic however, that I read this with my friend who is a very slow reader reading over my shoulder and slowing me down (she’s also watching (and approving of) me writing this comment 😄).

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  2. I’m technically a fast reader 😂 buuuut I feel like I’ve slowed down a LOT LATELY. Back in 2015 I read like 300 books?!? How the heck did I do that. I HAVE NO IDEA.😂 Like now the days just seem to vanish and then it’s 10pm and I haven’t started reading a THING. Gaaaah. I need 9 more eyeballs.😂 However when I do read I basically get through the book in a few hours, hehe.

    But whatever works for us, right!?

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  3. For me, it is work and just plain being an ADULT that keeps me from reading super fast. I have a friend who can read while she is at work, and it’s so very unfair. I work at a preschool, and it is frowned upon to read while trying to supervise kids…who knew?

    And when I’m at home, I’ve got to, like, clean and stuff and somewhat maintain the organized messiness that is my home. And cook, because a girl’s gotta eat.

    And sometimes? I just don’t WANT to read. I want to do other things, like socialize (the bare minimum, though), or watch a tv show instead. /sigh, reading woe!

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    1. Yeah. Even now when all I do is go to school I find it hard to find the time (and motivation) to read. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like when I get a part-time job….yikes


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