How to Survive The Aussie Summer

Australia: The place where Winter is short-lived and Summer always comes early. As I write this post, it is still Winter and yet today I was practically melting. The high temp was 31 and the humidity was 72%. Ahh Classic Queensland SO! Despite Summer not “officially” being here yet, it practically is and so it… Continue reading How to Survive The Aussie Summer

Dealing With Stress | Time Management

I have had many assignments and homework tasks hauled at me recently and I was Freaking Out. I had no idea how I was going to finish anything in time and I was going to fail and drop out of school and live a life on the streets with no food and- Okay, it wasn’t… Continue reading Dealing With Stress | Time Management

Being an Introvert: Social Exhaustion

Right now, as I write this post, I am knackered; mentally exhausted. These past two weeks have been the school holidays for me and I have been non-stop seeing people whether it be friends, relatives or even people I don’t even know. Majority of the nights we have had people sleeping over at our house and… Continue reading Being an Introvert: Social Exhaustion

Being Productive During School Holidays

If you’re like me whenever it’s the school holidays, you often find yourself unoccupied with nothing to do while school and homework isn’t draining you of free time. Sitting around doing nothing gets boring really quickly and there’s only so many times you can keep revisiting the fridge every 5 minutes, hoping to find something… Continue reading Being Productive During School Holidays