Hi! I’m Charlotte and here’s the run down of me:

I’m 14, Aussie and I like music, books, and school – or should I say learning rather than school itself.

I listen to a wide range of music and I’m always trying to find more bands to check out. Guitar and ukulele are the two instruments I play. I like reading, mostly 2nd hand books I find at book fests and pre-loved bookstores and also the occasional YA from the library. I draw occasionally and take pictures of anything and everything as well, most of which end up on this blog. Lastly, I’m in highschool and am just trying to make it to graduation like any other student.

Also, I’m practically in love with math so there’s that._MG_0328

*just to clarify I am in fact a packet of tortilla chips, not the blurry blob in the background