Physical Vs. Digital | Music, Books & More

Records, CDs, Polaroids, Typewriters; all things of the sort are making a comeback. I was never alive when these were ‘new’ and commonly used yet they are still a normal part of my life. Vintage stuff has been making a resurgence for years, mainly because of ‘hipster culture’ but I always wondered why. Sure, some… Continue reading Physical Vs. Digital | Music, Books & More

3 Books, 1 Post

Time to do some mini reviews of the books I borrowed last time I went to the library. (You can click the title of the book to see my full-length reviews that I post on goodreads.) These books have been the first time I’ve read YA in a while and it was quite refreshing to… Continue reading 3 Books, 1 Post

Being an Introvert: Social Exhaustion

Right now, as I write this post, I am knackered; mentally exhausted. These past two weeks have been the school holidays for me and I have been non-stop seeing people whether it be friends, relatives or even people I don’t even know. Majority of the nights we have had people sleeping over at our house and… Continue reading Being an Introvert: Social Exhaustion

Being Productive During School Holidays

If you’re like me whenever it’s the school holidays, you often find yourself unoccupied with nothing to do while school and homework isn’t draining you of free time. Sitting around doing nothing gets boring really quickly and there’s only so many times you can keep revisiting the fridge every 5 minutes, hoping to find something… Continue reading Being Productive During School Holidays

Absorbing Characters’ Personalities: Is it a bad thing?

In every book read, the reader always tries to relate to the characters in some way, whether subconsciously or not. It is an important part of reading which helps connect you to the story. What about when you take it a step further, for example, going out of your way to have something in common… Continue reading Absorbing Characters’ Personalities: Is it a bad thing?